It’s time to change.

2 May 2018, many things happened suddenly.

I found that I became someone slowly I hated before and kept away.



My best friend’s slogan of life is to LIVE, not to SURVIVE. I just konw its meaning directly, without understand deeply, before yesterday when we see goodbye.

I made mistake, surrendered, and gave up several time in my way to peak of life; This isn’t the worst thing maybe.

The worst is that I cannot accept the reality of myself.

I pushed one person of my life to cliff because of my subbornness, then I left.

I am a murder.

I murder my parents’ good hope for me finally.



I found a way to touch success, and a way to change_ always to do the opposite of what I did before.

to change my opinion about money, life, relationship with upper leaders, and methodology of life.

I hate smoking, but sometimes, it’s the best disguise to cruel reality.

Ayn Rand

I hate drinking, which confused my reason and mind. Whatever to drink fully to get my interest.

I hate to do something I don’t want in my heart, which conflict with my values of humanity.  But, who care about the value of humanity of the weak?

Just to do, as the opposite of my life before.



The best way to LOVE is to prepare and to wait.

If you had to live with angel, you’ll never to love an ordinary.


Several years later, there will be a company call Healer Cop., to memorise the one I love and heal me.

The Healer comes from opposite world called reality, and saves me from dream of children.


3 May 2018



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